May ABC Seminar: Jean du Terrail, PhD – Owkin – “Federated Learning in Healthcare in the Real-World: Examples and Practical Challenges”

ABC Seminar Title: Federated Learning in Healthcare in the Real-World: Examples and Practical Challenges
 Jean du Terrail, PhD
Speaker Affiliation: Fundamental Machine Learning Team, R&D, Owkin
Speaker Position: Lead Research Scientist
Hosted by: Guillaume Jaume, Mahmood Lab

Date: Monday, May 20, 2024
Time: 4:00PM-5:00PM ET


With the never-ending revolutions of data-driven approaches that started already more than a decade ago, it is surprising at first that the pace of ML discoveries in medicine seems substantially slower than the ones found in consumer applications such as ChatGPT. The answer to that paradox is relatively simple: in healthcare, data is hard to access as it is expensive and siloed in medical institutions and thus data-hungry methods trained on only one center on limited data often fail to generalize to another. In order to break those silos while protecting patient data and thus enabling new medical discoveries via ML, federated learning (FL) is a promising approach. However, in practice, applying FL in real-life contexts presents numerous challenges. This talk will use some of the FL research projects that Owkin has spearheaded in order to illustrate the realities of FL in healthcare and discuss the remaining milestones on the road to FL technologies and ML becoming the new engine of medicine research.

Research Links

Nature Medicine
NeurIPS Proceedings
AACR Journals

Dr. Jean du Terrail is a French engineer from one of the French grandes écoles (CentraleSupélec) with a Ph.D. in computer science. Dr. du Terrail works in R&D in a French biotech startup called Owkin that specializes in oncology. His work touches on topics related to machine learning (ML), computer vision (CV) and federated learning (FL) all applied to healthcare data from different modalities. Dr. du Terrail is currently a Lead Research Scientist there and his main mission is to connect knowledge from distant healthcare institutions while limiting patient exposure and respecting local regulations (GDPR) to try to answer long-standing medical questions. Dr. du Terrail (and Owkin) is a firm believer in open research and regularly publishes papers in ML or healthcare venues.

All Welcome! Note this event will take place on Zoom.

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