Building for Transformative Medicine, 60 Fenwood Road, Boston MA

Weiruo Zhang, PhD, Stanford University-“Integrative spatial-omics analysis of cellular architecture mediating lymph node metastasis in head and neck cancer”


Spatial biology is a new frontier that has become accessible through advances in spatial profiling technologies, such as multiplexed in situ imaging spatial proteomics, which can provide single-cell resolution up to 60 markers. In this talk, I will introduce a computational analysis pipeline that performs integrative analysis of spatial proteomics and single-cell RNA sequencing to […]

Gennady Gorin, California Institute of Technology – “Stochastic foundations for single-cell RNA sequencing”


Single-cell RNA sequencing, which quantifies cell transcriptomes, has seen widespread adoption, accompanied by a proliferation of analytic methods. However, there has been relatively little systematic investigation of its best practices and their underlying assumptions, leading to challenges and discrepancies in analysis. I motivate a set of generic, principled strategies for modeling the biological and technical […]