Georg K. Gerber, MD, PhD, MPH

Division chief / associate professor

microbiome, infectious diseases, statistical machine learning, time-series, high throughout experimental methods.

Travis E. Gibson, PhD

Assistant Professor

microbiome, dynamical systems, control theory, machine learning, optimization, sensor and noise models.

Faisal Mahmood, PhD

AssOCIATE professor

medical/pathology imaging, machine learning, data fusion, deep learning, advanced microscopy.


Sizun Jiang, PhD

beth israel deaconess medical center

spatial-omics, technology development, host-pathogen interactions, systems immunology.

Bill Lotter, PhD

Dana-farber cancer institute
Brigham and women’s hospital

artificial intelligence, medical imaging, computer vision, clinical translation.

David Walt, PhD

Brigham and women’s hospital
wyss institute

diagnostics, biomarkers, extracellular vesicles, single-molecule assays, multiplexing, ultrasensitivity.

Cheng-Zhong Zhang, PhD

Dana-farber cancer institute
Brigham and women’s hospital

cancer genomics, copy-number alteration, DNA rearrangement, mobile elements, chromosomal instability, genome evolution.