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Jean Du Terrail, PhD, Owkin – “Federated Learning in Healthcare in the Real-World: Examples and Practical Challenges”


ABC Seminar Series Speaker: Jean du Terrail, PhD Speaker Affiliation: Fundamental Machine Learning Team, R&D, Owkin Speaker Position: Lead Research Scientist Hosted by: Guillaume Jaume, Mahmood Lab With the never-ending revolutions of data-driven approaches that started already more than a decade ago it is surprising at first that the pace of ML discoveries in medicine […]

Jean-Baptiste Lugagne, PhD – Boston University – “Real-time control of antibiotic resistance genes with interactive AI”


Speaker: Jean-Baptist Lugagne, PhD Affiliation: Boston University Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Dunlop Lab Hosted by: Gibson Lab Biological systems are inherently dynamic, stochastic, and multi-dimensional. Traditionally, manipulating such systems in a predictable manner has been challenging, but advances in supervised machine learning have revolutionized fields like protein folding, drug discovery, and onsite diagnostics. Even more promising, […]